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Come to Our Office for a Full-Spectrum Hearing Test

Every day, we see patients who struggle to enjoy their everyday lives. And the reason is simple: they can’t hear those around them. People with hearing loss often say, “I can hear you, but I can’t understand you,” which is true. If you have a significant hearing loss, you can likely hear sounds – but your ear cannot translate those sounds into understandable speech. The result is an awkward and socially difficult life. Better Hearing wants to help. We offer a free hearing evaluation with no obligation to purchase anything. These tests will help us understand your hearing loss and implement solutions that will dramatically improve your life.

Granddaughter talking to grandfather

What Kind of Noises Are Impacted by Hearing Loss?

Unfortunately, hearing loss can creep up gradually – making it difficult to pinpoint. Voices that once seemed clear as a bell will eventually become muddied and challenging to understand. But it doesn’t happen overnight. One of the reasons why it is so tricky to notice hearing loss is some sounds on the spectrum stay audible – such as low-end noises – while others decrease. Higher pitched noises might go first. Think “s,” “f,” “sh,” and “t” sounds in everyday speech. These are some of the hardest for those with hearing losses to understand.

How Can I Tell if I Have Hearing Loss Issues?

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to evaluate your hearing. Getting a hearing test from Better Hearing is one good step. But even on your own, you can ask yourself some hard questions to determine whether something is wrong. The answers to these questions can form a basis for your journey toward rejoining the conversation through the miracle of hearing aids.

Ask Yourself the Following

  • Do other people seem to mumble when they speak?
  • Do I have to turn up the TV or stereo to hear TV shows, movies, and music?
  • Is it easier to understand a man’s voice than a woman’s or child’s voice?
  • Is it hard to hear the doorbell or telephone ring?
  • When in a crowded restaurant, do I have a hard time understanding those around me?
  • Do I limit my social activities because I cannot hear correctly?
  • Has someone close to me mentioned that I might want to get a hearing test?

Get Your Hearing Tested Today

Choosing to get a hearing test is the first step toward a better life. Our compassionate and knowledgeable team can perform a full-spectrum, comprehensive examination that evaluates every potential wavelength. The results of this test will help us devise a strategy for improving your hearing. If you decide on hearing aids, you can count on increased quality of life.

Earn $1,000 Toward Your New Hearing Aids. Contact Us Today!